Starting up an OSCAR service

The provision of after school care and school holiday programmes in New Zealand (which we call Out of School Care and Recreation or “OSCAR”) is largely unregulated. Many services obtain MSD Accreditation for OSCAR, but this is not a mandatory requirement.

This means that an OSCAR start-up is a relatively open process that does not have to involve a lot of “red tape”. This gives you a lot of scope for how you operate and meet the needs in your community. We see this flexibility as a significant strength.

However you will have to get going largely through your own resources. The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) does fund services with operating grants but there are no “establishment grants” and the operating grants are fully allocated to over 700 existing, contracted providers. Very few new services are now being added to this pool, as the total funding available is strictly capped.

OSCN can assist with advice and information – we have long experience with supporting  the start-up process. There are some key questions you must consider for any new programme:

· Where will it be located and where are the school-age children who are likely to attend?
· Are there other services already operating in this area?
· Will you apply for MSD Accreditation and why? (Remember that this is not a mandatory requirement, so there should be a clear rationale for going down this path.)
· Who has relevant expertise in children’s services who can lead our start-up process?

Recommended links

The OSCAR Establishment Overview at OSCARNZ web

OSCARNZ is our sector information hub and the best place to tap into comprehensive information on setting up a service and relevant links about MSD Approval, OSCAR Fee Subsidy etc.

MSD Standards for OSCAR

To obtain MSD Accreditation you must have a policy document that meets all these standards. OSCAR-specific standards such as staffing ratios are outlined pages 18-21 of this document.

OSCN Sample Policies

Examples of the the policy samples OSCN has available to assist with preparing documentation for MSD Approval.

Programme feasibility guide

This is a simple checklist of the key issues to consider for any programme start-up

Minimum requirements if operating without MSD Approval

If you decide to start up without obtaining MSD Accreditation, this FAQ outlines some minimum guidelines that you should still follow, based on legislation and duty of care requirements.