Wednesday 7 June 2023
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Meet Up On Line - Holistic Safeguarding - keeping your programme safe when recruiting staff
(OSCN Members event)

Unfortunately we know that inappropriate people do seek to gain positions within OSCAR services. In this chat with Kim Dickinson of Holistic Safeguarding we touch base on the risks we face when recruiting staff. We will talk about what a "safeguarding culture" looks like in OSCAR and provide some practical tips to help help us screen out inappropriate or unsafe people.

Kim draws on extensive experience and research to help us be better informed about possible 'red flags' for staff behaviour at our programmes, as well as ways to dig a bit deeper on the values and beliefs of potential staff during the interview process.   

The connection will be available from about 9.30 onwards, on the day of the meeting.

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