Thursday 17 November 2022
10:00 AM - 01:00 PM

WEBINAR - Behaviour guidance in OSCAR

Thursday November 17th, 10am - 1pm

Cost: OSCN members $40-00 per person, ($100-00 per programme site - book as many as you like!)  Non-members $60-00 per person.

This is an overview of how to set up a positive behaviour environment and effectively respond to common behaviour problems in an OSCAR setting. Our “behaviour guidance keys” provide a simple, flexible framework for this important skill and you will quickly start to see ways that you can put it to use.

You will come away with some new approaches to try and a fresh appreciation of the important role you take in supporting children's development.

Please note our revised pricing for this session. We want to encourage you to get together with your team members in one place and join us as a group, so we have capped the total fee per programme at $100. Even if you have 4 or 5 people in the room, we will still only charge you $100. We have also reduced the base price to reflect that we will be sending you the handouts electronically.

Cost $40.00 per person for OSCN members. ($100-00 per programme site); Non-members $60-00 per person.


About on-line events 

The connection will be available from about 9.30 onwards, on the day of the meeting.

Feel free to drop in early to test out your connection.

The webinar will be using Google Meet.

We will send some more information about a week before the session to help you get ready. 

Venue: OSCN On-Line Event

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