Something to do issues and instruction sheets

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Something to do issue 14

Instruction sheets from issue 14

Honey comb

Instant ice cream

Jelly worms

Natural food dyes

Art burst

Magical paper tree

Recycled paper

Paper bowl

Something to do issue 13

Instruction sheets from issue 13

Spin Art


Basket Weaving

Matariki Stars

Pipe Cleaner Hand Puppet

Pipe Cleaner Shadow Figures

Pipe Cleaner Art

Geometric Sculpture


Something to do issue 12

Instruction sheets from issue 12

Doily Egg

Egg Carton Chicken

Felt Bunnies

Egg Decorating

Pick-Up Sticks

DIY Photobooth Props

Bottle Kerplunk

Kebab Coaster

Zen Garden

Something to do issue 11

Instruction sheets from issue 11

Paper plants

Summer pencil holders

Jar lid suncatchers

Floating flowers

Sponge ball

Pool scrabble

Simple marbling

Go fishing

Something to do issue 10

Instruction sheets from issue 10

Blow painting

Painted Rocks

Glitter jars

Tree cards

Something to do issue 9 - Bumper Christmas issue

Instruction sheets from issue 9

Neon plaques

Origami decorations

Neon christmas  crackers

Tinsel jewelery

Tinsel trees

Tinsel pencil pals

Infuse olive oil

Scratch cards

Melt and pour soap

Christmas popcorn

Bacon jam

Shortbread bites

Something to do issue 8

Instruction sheets from issue 8


Afrcan thumb piano

Japanese koi kites

Brazillian carnival masks

No sew t-shirt bags

No sew pencil case

Fabric letters

Fabric animals

Something to do issue 7

Instruction sheets from issue 7

Lava lamps

Crystal shapes

Slimy putty

Tassel friends

Other tassel crafts

Wrapped letters

Fruit pom poms

Something to do - Issue 6

Instruction sheets from issue 6

Message spyglass

Spy in training

Code creator

Flat straws

Straw necklace

Straw weaving

Straws flying high

Something to do - Issue 5

Instruction sheets from issue 5

Biscuit bunnies

Decorated eggs

Ribbon animals

Ribbon bookmarks

Ribbon rockets

Ribbon woven washer bracelets

Sock bunnies

Something to do - Issue 4

Instruction sheets from issue 4

DIY chalks

Floating chalk painting

Fruit fans

Rice starfish

Jandal stamps

Sand candles

Shell fish

Water games

Something to do - Issue 3

Instruction sheets from issue 3

Chocolate drawings

Christmas card garland

Christmas relish

Hot chocolate in a jar

Ice block stick Pohutukawa

Make a reindeer game

Marbled gifts

Mini jandals

Mini peg scenes

Peg advent calendar

Peg star

Pom pom cones

Stained glass biscuits

Something to do - Issue 2

Instruction sheets from issue 2

Bark animals

Colour dominoes

Designer stones

Easy bags

Feathered swan

Fuzzy buddies

Naughts and crosses

Painted sticks

Paper feathers

Pattterned feathers

Something to do - Issue 1

Instruction sheets from issue 1

Jar nebula

Stitching constellation

CD case photo box

CD flying saucer

CD mandala

CD scratching

CD Spinning top