Something to do issues and instruction sheets

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Something to do issue 8

Instruction sheets from issue 8


Afrcan thumb piano

Japanese koi kites

Brazillian carnival masks

No sew t-shirt bags

No sew pencil case

Fabric letters

Fabric animals

Something to do issue 7

Instruction sheets from issue 7

Lava lamps

Crystal shapes

Slimy putty

Tassel friends

Other tassel crafts

Wrapped letters

Fruit pom poms

Something to do - Issue 6

Instruction sheets from issue 6

Message spyglass

Spy in training

Code creator

Flat straws

Straw necklace

Straw weaving

Straws flying high

Something to do - Issue 5

Instruction sheets from issue 5

Biscuit bunnies

Decorated eggs

Ribbon animals

Ribbon bookmarks

Ribbon rockets

Ribbon woven washer bracelets

Sock bunnies

Something to do - Issue 4

Instruction sheets from issue 4

DIY chalks

Floating chalk painting

Fruit fans

Rice starfish

Jandal stamps

Sand candles

Shell fish

Water games

Something to do - Issue 3

Instruction sheets from issue 3

Chocolate drawings

Christmas card garland

Christmas relish

Hot chocolate in a jar

Ice block stick Pohutukawa

Make a reindeer game

Marbled gifts

Mini jandals

Mini peg scenes

Peg advent calendar

Peg star

Pom pom cones

Stained glass biscuits

Something to do - Issue 2

Instruction sheets from issue 2

Bark animals

Colour dominoes

Designer stones

Easy bags

Feathered swan

Fuzzy buddies

Naughts and crosses

Painted sticks

Paper feathers

Pattterned feathers

Something to do - Issue 1

Instruction sheets from issue 1

Jar nebula

Stitching constellation

CD case photo box

CD flying saucer

CD mandala

CD scratching

CD Spinning top